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Golden Retriever Rescue in Asheville, NC

Here at Southern Water Dogs, we’re committed to supporting all golden retrievers, whether it’s a puppy from our breeding program or a rescue looking for her forever home.

About Our Rescue Program

Our mission is more than just a statement; it’s a vow to bring joy, love, and companionship into the lives of both our golden retrievers and their future families. We are committed to rescuing golden retrievers and connecting them with families where they can thrive and provide unconditional love in return.

Rescue & Rehoming
If you’ve decided to rehome your golden, we understand, and we appreciate your decision to find a loving forever home. Sometimes life is unpredictable, and hard decisions have to be made in order to maintain a healthy, happy environment for both you and your dog. We can help transition your dog to a new family. Just reach out and tell us how we can come alongside you to help in this challenging time.

We receive phone calls and contact forms quite frequently from families who are looking for a golden retriever from a rescue program. Maybe they’re searching for a quiet companion, or looking for the developed and predictable personality of an adult dog, or maybe they’re just interested in skipping the puppy phase altogether (trust us, we understand!). Our team is here to help and we can help match your family with a golden retriever, even if it isn’t from our own program.

Adoption Process
We believe in the power of the right match. Our adoption process starts with a behavioral assessment of each incoming dog and an application from you to understand your family dynamics, lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in a pet. We’ll send you photos and information about the dogs we have available, and will arrange a meet-and-greet to determine if both the family and the dog are a perfect fit for each other. We’ll provide as much information as we have on the background of the dog, although adopting a rescue likely means we won’t have the entire picture of the dog’s health history. Instead, we’ll send you home with health and training recommendations based on our extensive experience that you can implement at your vet and preferred training facility.

Our rescue dogs are typically not free, although we do try to keep adopting fees for rescues as low as we can. During the intake process, we bring the dog to our vet to update all appropriate vaccinations, receive a general check-up, and meet any necessary health needs. Since the veterinary expenses are variable per dog based on the individual dog’s current condition, the adoption fee is also slightly different per dog. When we share information about the rescue dogs available, we will also inform you of the adoption fee of each dog. Typical fees for our rescues are between $500 and $2,000.

Post-Adoption Support
Our relationship doesn’t end once you take your new family member home. We are happy to provide ongoing support, training tips or classes (classes are offered at an additional fee), and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We also love updates—nothing warms our hearts more than seeing our golden retrievers thriving in their new homes!

Golden retriever rescue dog running through a field

Get Involved


Although we are not a non-profit organization, we welcome you to sponsor a specific rescue dog by helping to pay for the care, medical expenses, and well-being of the golden retriever of your choosing.

woman kissing a golden retriever on the head


Not ready for a long-term commitment? Fostering is a wonderful way to help us get our retrievers ready for their forever homes. In fact, fostering is the very best way you can help us. We often don’t have capacity to take in additional rescues unless a foster is willing to be a temporary home. 

Contact Us

Ready to find your forever friend or want to learn about rehoming your golden to a new family? Reach out to us. We look forward to talking with you.

AKC Golden Retriever


Violet is a stunning light colored golden with a gorgeous coat! She is extraordinarily intelligent and consistently seeks your approval and direction. Violet has a way of staring deep into your eyes as if she can read your mind. She is a petite golden with slender composition and elegant stature. Violet is quite the lady, and is lovingly attached to her guardian family, where she lives with them at the beach. 

Health Report

  • DOB- June 13, 2021
  • AKC Registered SS27358403
  • Sire: Double K Saprky
  • Dam: Krystal Kath Alena
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
  • PRCD-PRA: Clear
  • GR-PRA 1: Clear
  • GR-PRA 2: Clear
  • Ichthyosis 1 (dandruff): Clear
  • Ichthyosis 2 (dandruff): Clear
  • NCL 5: Clear
  • OFA Hips: Good
  • OFA Elbows: Normal
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal