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Golden Retriever Guardianship Program

Interested in participating in the puppy process and experiencing more irresistible puppy cuteness? Learn about our guardianship program for dogs and what that means for you.

Guardianship Home Bonus Offer

Hi Furiendz!

We would like to extend an offer to anyone who is willing to help us find new guardian homes. This is an opportunity for current guardian homes to earn $500! The bonus is payable upon execution of the contract with the new family. In addition to “new families,” we are also offering $500 to anyone who is a current guardian home and would be willing to take on another puppy/adult dog!


The reason behind this is simple. We couldn’t do what we do without our guardian homes. You all are such an essential part of our program, and we are so grateful. Having other families who are interested and willing to join our SWD family will allow future growth and bring more fun to the get-togethers we are planning for our guardian homes! (Who’s up for a lake trip?!) 😉


If you’re interested, please contact Haley or Jordan at (828) 600-4717 or email [email protected].

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A guardianship program can provide an optimal home environment for a dog who is an ideal candidate for breeding. By placing the dog with a family who intends to build loving memories and experiences with their dog, the dog can have a healthier and happier home life as opposed to living with a large group of breeding dogs in an institutional feeling environment.

When the female dog has a heat cycle where she is intended to be bred, the female dog is typically brought to the male dog on days 10-14 of her cycle. The breeder monitors the male and female dogs to watch for a successful pairing. Afterwards, the female returns to her family home.

Approximately eight weeks later, the female returns to the breeder for whelping. The puppies will be born at nine weeks give or take, and the female will need to stay at the breeder for six weeks after birth to raise her puppies. This ensures momma and babies are happy and healthy. 

  • The dog receives the best life it can possibly have!
  • The family gets a dog who meets the highest health standards, conformation to the breed, and has a wonderful personality – for free!
  • The breeder still invests in the health testing and pregnancy related costs for the dog, but the breeder also receives the revenue from the proceeds of the puppy purchases.

The breeder will be very selective about when it’s the right time and the right conditions for a guardianship program. Not only is it difficult for a family to part with their dog for 6 weeks for having puppies, but there is also a significant investment required from the breeder for health testing, whelping, and raising the puppies. If the relationship sours, it can become very challenging for both parties. For example, the breeder will ensure the dog has up to date vaccines, typically a very specific diet and supplement routine, and doesn’t carry excessive weight. A contract is formed between the breeder and the guardian home to ensure that these issues are worked out before the agreement is entered into.

After the breeder and the family decide it’s an ideal match between the two parties, they will settle the details about which puppy or dog is eligible for the program, when the dog will be transferred to its new home, and when upcoming heat cycles are expected. 

While this arrangement might seem unique, breeding programs have been using guardianship arrangements for a very long time. We believe in happiness for all dogs and are supportive of the guardianship arrangement because it lends itself to more love and special memories for each dog!

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