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Giving Back to the Community

At Southern Water Dogs, we want to leave our paw print on the community. 

Our journey began with a single wagging tail, Beauregard, and has grown into a commitment to something much bigger than we ever imagined. We’re not just about raising the happiest dogs in the South, we’re about spreading awareness and supporting the causes that create connections and grow our community right here at home.

We’ve turned our passion into purpose, partnering with humane societies, supporting charity events, and engaging with local AKC chapters and therapy dog programs. We give back as a testament to these tales of love–a chronicle of how every Southern Water Dog is not only a new family member, but a companion to our community. We want to use our platform as a beacon of hope with tails a-waggin’, spreading smiles, and supporting the causes close to our hearts.

golden retriever sitting in front of Southern Water Dogs sign


Our partnerships reflect our commitment to canine well-being and community enrichment. Teaming up with local humane societies, charity events, and canine clubs, we’ve created a network dedicated to making a difference. Each collaboration is a step towards better lives for our dogs and a stronger, more compassionate community.

Therapy Dog Training

By investing in therapy dog training, we empower our dogs to serve as beacons of comfort and companionship. This specialized training allows them to touch lives, bringing smiles and solace to hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. It’s our way of sharing our furry friends’ warmth and love with folks who need it most.

Sponsorships & Events

At Southern Water Dogs, we’re community builders. We proudly sponsor and participate in local events, from raising funds for the Blue Ridge Humane Society to teaming up with partners to assemble donated bikes for less fortunate children in Henderson County. It’s our way of putting hearts (and paws) into causes we cherish.

Certified & Ready!

Hats off to Beauregard, our mascot Golden! With his recent certification as a member of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, he leads the pack in our mission of community service. Beau’s tenderness will be welcomed as we begin visits to hospitals, schools, and beyond. His certification marks a proud chapter in our story as we continue to expand in serving the community, with Beau as our shining, wagging ambassador.

Therapy Dog Opportunities

Our certified therapy dogs would love to get to know you! Let us know if you would be interested in having us visit your organization or event.

Become a Paw-tner

If you have an organization, event, or sponsorship opportunity you’d like to discuss, let us know. We are excited to continue building a paws-itive community!